Luis Mendoza

Cultural Promoter, Educator
& Creative Director

  • Madrid 2018.

About me

Alba's and Ivan's father. Carola┬┤s husband.
Born (1983) and raised in Caracas, one of the craziest cities on earth but also a great place to meet amazing people. Living in Spain and doing what I love since 2006.
Partner at RGB Corp - Music & Dealers - Yunou - Dubforceradio.
#artdirection #experiencedesign #realtime #interactive #mixedreality #ux #motion #visuals #music

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What I Do?


Project Direction

I`m able to develop a wide range of creative projects from concept and strategy design to final implementation.


Creative Coaching

The goal: To improve and to be more productive. The way: There is not an only way! I will help you to find the best creative solution for your business.


Talks and Courses

I love to share my knowlege and experience with others. I've had the oportunity to do so at schools and events such as: IED, Trazos and BIT Broadcast among others.


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Contact me


+34 671 451 921



C. Santa Feliciana 12, Madrid